Photograph by Jeremy Aronhalt

Photograph by Jeremy Aronhalt

Hello, my name is Cody J. Martin and I am a 22 year old singer/songwriter from the Northeastern part of Ohio. 

A few years back,  I started writing as a hobby.  As an exercise.  I wrote as much as I could until I finally started writing the kind of songs and stories that I didn't mind taking credit for.  Fast-forward a bit into time and I was recording a bulk of these tunes with my friend, John Finley.

Together, John and I produced my first album of songs.  That album is called "Somewhere You'd Rather Be"

There are 12 songs on that album and in those 12 songs, you're bound to learn more about me than I could ever really begin to describe.  So if your interest persists onward, please have a listen to the record.  I think you might like it! 

For the quickest updates of my day-to-day....try me on my Twitter or Instagram accounts.  I'd love to connect with you.

Chances are, I'm probably busy writing.  As a hobby.  As an exercise...